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My books tend to be as eclectic as my life.  I was born in St. Louis, MO, grew up in Scranton, PA, and have lived in Portsmouth, VA, Los Angeles, CA, Tulsa, OK and Fort Lauderdale, FL.  I've held jobs in fields as various as medical, insurance, accounting and government.  My schoolwork saw me in majors of theater, music, communications and religious studies, which is the degree I finally earned.

Much as my life has been a whirlwind of experiences, so too are my books.  My first story, "Almost Paradise" was a novel based on gay marriage, before it was legal in any state.  I followed this with my only nonfiction work, tales of my childhood titled "Growing Up in the House of Doom."  Next came a vampire trilogy, "Vampire Tales" and my latest story, "The Passion of the Druid," another diversion into the realm of fantasy fiction. 

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Darragh Hoghter is not like most Irish-Americans.  Not only does he have a most unusual name, and one that few people can pronounce properly, he also hails from a long line of Druids.  To his clan has fallen the responsibility of ridding the earth of a serial killer who has recently resurfaced in the southeastern portion of the United States.  Darragh and his black cat, Merlin, journey to the beaches of Fort Lauderdale in an effort to succeed in doing what none of his family had been able to accomplish before him.

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Vampire Tales, Book One - Genesis

Rome in the Fifth Century saw the reign of Pope Leo, the death of Attila the Hun, the end of the Holy Roman Empire and the birth of vampires.

Pope Leo was confronted with many dilemmas during his twenty years as pontiff but none would prove to be as difficult as trying to stop the heretic, Pelagius, who was also to become the world's first vampire.  In a time when Celtic religion was on the decline and the Catholic Church was gaining ground, this is the story of how a pagan god was able to stay alive by transferring his essence into the body of a human.  That god, Crom, was the Celtic god of the sun. His victim, Pelagius, was a fallen priest.  Together they gained immortality, but at a cost.


Vampire Tales, Book Two - Exodus

Like his predecessor, Pope Gregory was forced to combat many unpleasant heretics during his reign as head of the Roman Catholic Church. None proved to be as obstinate and destructive to his faith as Pelagius and his follower, Nikolaus.  Heresy is difficult enough for a pontiff but when the heretics are also vampires, it makes for a very trying time.

Here is the continuation of the vampires in Rome in the early days of Christianity. Armed with a small band of loyal aides, Gregory is charged with defending the church at all costs. If necessary, even with his life.


Vampire Tales, Book Three - Revelation

Popes Leo, Gregory, Sabinian and Boniface were not only leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in the early centuries, they were also faced with situations that no popes have seen since. They confronted the heretical practice that came to be known as Pelagianism but few of the faithful knew that Pelagius was actually the world's first vampire. 

In this conclusion of the Vampire Tales trilogy, Pelagius' predecessor, Nikolaus, proves to be the worst evil the world has ever known and it is up to the faithful followers of Pope Leo to eradicate this scourge from our world.


Growing Up In The House of Doom

A collection of stories from a time gone by, when life was simpler, and children actually spent time outdoors playing with other children in a real-life setting.  A time when children walked or rode their bikes to little league games, and knew it was time to come home when the street lamps came on.

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Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise explores the gay subculture in America from the perspective of two openly gay men, their friends and families. T he topic is treated with a certain amount of humor, indicative of the handling of the situation by most gay Americans.

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